I was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  In the year 1964.  Which is the year The Beatles first set foot on American soil.  

A coincidence?

I think not.  My reliable resources inform me The Beatles were enroute that wintry eve to St. Bernard's Hosital in Jonesboro, Arkansas, to welcome me to the world.  The Beatles were kinda like the Magi.  However, they thought better of it and decided to tour.

Here are a few facts about, well...me.  (Which seems very self indulgent, however this my website...right?)

My mother was Miss Sharon on television's Romper Room.  No kidding.

My father is the most generous man on the face of the earth and when in high school and I returned from a choir trip, he had bought me a new wardrobe and a pair of prairrie dogs.  No kidding.

Once in Los Angeles I brushed up against Herve Villechaize.

At 15 years old I went to Spain on a trip with my school and rode cross country in a compartment with just myself and four nuns.

I played the trumpet in high school band and was consistently last chair.  And it didn't bother me one iota.

In my father's plane we once had to make an emergency landing in a pasture.

Cruises are my favorite vacation and have been on 20.